470-399 B.C.

“I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.” – Socrates

Socrates was a Greek philosopher and teacher and one of the most original, influential and CONTROVERSIAL people in ancient Greek philosophy and Western ideas.

Socrates would LISTEN, ASK QUESTIONS, CRITICIZE and CHALLENGE ANSWERS. He asked probing questions that would untimately lead to the truth. This became known as the “SOCRATIC METHOD.”

Socrates was born in Athens, Greece in about 470 B.C. Socrates studied sculpture, but soon quit to “SEEK TRUTH” in his own way. He sought to uncover the nature of virtue and to find a rule of life.  Socrates did not write any books or papers. His life is preserved in “Memorabilia” of the historian Xenophon and in Plato’s “Socratic Dialogues.”

Socrates began questioning Athenians thinking and their democratic system, which caused hostility to rise. He was a master at exposing FRAUDS and LIARS, which made him numerous enemies.  He taught the young to reject the morals accepted by Athenian society, due to their weak reasoning behind people’s moral beliefs.

The Socratic Method consisted of asking questions like “What is life?” of people who were confident in their answers, and then little by little EXPOSING THEIR HYPOCRISIES, IGNORANCES and CONTRADICTIONS. Socrates was famous for saying HE KNOWS NOTHING, except for the fact that HE KNOWS NOTHING.

At the age of 70, Socrates was brought to trial and charged with: “not believing in the gods the state believes in, and introducing different new divine powers; and also for corrupting the young.” Socrates was convicted by the COUNCIL of 500 and was offered an alternative to death by paying a fine, but refused it. SOCRATES was therefore sentenced to DEATH BY DRINKING HEMLOCK. 

Socrates most famous philosophy was the necessity to DO WHAT ONE THINKS IS RIGHT EVEN WHEN ONE IS AGAINST UNIVERSAL OPPOSITION .

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